Budding Referees

Aims of the Program

  1. To contribute to the development of the game by introducing the next generation to the benefits of refereeing.

  2. To contribute to the smooth easy running of Glen Eira home matches for parents and players by removing the requirement for parents to ref their own kids matches.

Take it seriously. This is a job

  • You are expected to attend all rostered times.
  • If you have a problem with your roster you would need to advise the Budding Refs Coordinator.
  • Be confidence & committed
  • Pride in your appearance & performance
  • Progression from BR4 to BR1


  • Yellow top & blacks shorts & socks are compulsory.
  • Predominantly black sport shoes
  • Professional appearance.


  • If you have difficulty with spectators, coaches or players, speak to the Ground Marshal who is there to support you.

Our People

Our People

  • Budding Refs Coordinator: Galia Hartman  0466579577

  • Budding Ref Program Manager:  Stewart Howell
  • Budding Ref Coach:  Sam Francou

How to Join

To Apply

To express interest in joining Glen Eira FC’s Budding Referees program, please click on the link.

Apply to join Budding Referee program


  • You need to be at least 12 years old
  • You don’t need to be a member of Glen Eira FC
  • Applications are welcomed from both boys and girls

Numbers are Capped

The number of Budding Refs in the program is capped at 150% of the available jobs.

On one hand we want to ensure the available Budding Refs get enough experience to improve their skills.  At the same time we don’t want to run out of Budding Refs when numbers are down.


Budding Refs Fee Schedule

Fees Schedule

2022  Glen  Eira  Budding  Ref  Shirt-

Refer to the last page of the handbook.

Budding Referee Handbook


Loading Availability

Budding Ref Availability

  • During the season, the Home Match Schedule for the coming weekend is uploaded by the Tuesday prior.
  • Budding Refs must submit the Budding Ref Availability Form by 6pm on the Wednesday prior to the weekend's matches
  • By 12noon on Fridays, Budding Refs are advised via email which matches they've been appointed to.
  • BR Appointments are also listed on the Home Match Schedule



Budding Refs Courses

To support our Budding Refs and consolidate and enhance their knowledge and refereeing skills, the club provides free training courses throughout the season for members of the Budding Referees program.

Glen Eira FC’s Referee Coaches will assist budding refs with feedback on their performance and help them get through the courses.

Budding Referee Handbook

Induction Courses 

  • Budding Ref Induction Course #1:   6:00pm - 7:30pm Mon 03-Apr-2023  Lord Reserve Pavilion
  • Budding Ref Induction Course #2:   1:00pm - 2:30pm Tue 25-Apr-2023  Lord Reserve Pavilion


The training courses are an important and essential component to the ongoing development of a Budding Referee.  All Level 4 and Level 3 Budding Refs are required to attend. 
  • L4 & L3 Budding Refs not in attendance will receive reduced match appointments until they can next attend.
Attendance for Level 2 and Level 1 Budding Refs is optional, but still highly recommended.  


Becoming an FV Referee

Level 4 FV Referee

Min age: 13yo
  1. Complete the Expression of Interest
  2. In 24-48 hours you will receive login details for GO1
  3. Enrol and pay for Level 4 Referee Course. 
    Glen Eira FC will cover this cost for active members of the Glen Eira FC Budding Ref program.
  4. Complete Parts A, B and C online via GO1
  5. Attend Part D (Practical sessions)
  6. Register as a Referee in Play Football
  7. Purchase your FV Referee uniforms
  8. Purchase your equipment (whistles, cards, flags, watches, etc.). Try Refs World or Ref Warehouse.
  9. Sign up for a Schedula account. Load your availability into Schedula.
    See support.sportstg.com/help/getting-started-with-schedula

FV Referees


FV Referee Information


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