Joga Bonito

Introductory Soccer Program for the younger boys & girls.
'Joga bonito' comes from Brazil. It means "Play beautifully".

Joga BonitoTerm 1, 2024

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Free Summer Soccer for 5yo-12yo Boys & Girls

  • Suitable for boys & girls born 2012 - 2019 inclusive.
    • 'Joga bonito' comes from Brazil. It means "Play beautifully"
    • Opportunities to get spots in Glen Eira FC teams to play against other clubs during the winter season..

    Session Times 
    • TBC

    Session Dates 
    • TBC Feb 2024 to 
    • TBC Mar 2024 inclusive


      Cost:  Free

      Whilst there is no cost, participants are still required to be registered.  

Joga  Bonito 2021 A

No Studded Boots in Term 1

Council proactively enforce the pre-season ban on studded boots.

Pre- Season- Footwear

Turf Boots (or Runners) only

Please ask players to wear turf boots like these (which provide more grip than runners).

Nike  Turf  Boot

adidas  Goletto 6  Turf  Shoes -  Black

Decathlon  Kipsta  Agility 540  Adult  Leather  Hard  Ground  Soccer  Boots