2021 AGM

Notices & Forms

Secretary Brett Williams has announced the Club’s 2021 AGM. Please find below the Notice of AGM along with links to the relevant forms.

  • If the number of nominations for positions on the Committee exceeds the number of positions available, a ballot will be held.
  • In order to be eligible to vote in the ballot, members must attend the AGM or appoint another member who is attending to vote as their proxy.

Notice of 2021 AGM

Call for Nominations

Nomination Form

Proxy Form



The following valid nominations were received on time by Secretary Brett Williams. 

  • As the number of nominations for positions on the Committee doesn't exceed number of positions available, a ballot will not be held at the 2021 AGM.

Name Biography
portrait  Samantha Curran-Nicholls
Samantha Curran-Nicholls
Sam brings to the club over 20 years of leadership experience in the retail sector across a number of States and has a passion for mentoring future leaders. Sam draws on this experience to nurture inclusive behaviours and ensure engagement with all members of our diverse community and club.

Sam has been involved with the Club since 2014. As a parent of a budding referee, she is committed to supporting the club to help participants at all levels to excel – community, women’s, special needs, elite footballers and all levels of referees. Sam looks forward to supporting the continued success and development of the club.
portrait  Brett Williams
Brett Williams
Brett Williams is currently the Head of Paramedicine and Professor at Monash University. He has worked at Monash University since 2004, and previously as an Intensive Care Paramedic for 15 years.

He has close to 40 years involvement in football including coaching and playing professionally as a goalkeeper in the English First Division and Premier League in the early 1990s with Notts County FC and several non-league teams. He has four children; two of whom are playing with Glen Eira FC.
Nola  Woo
Nola Woo
My name is Nola Woo and I am applying for the position of Treasurer.

I have been a Tax Accountant for 30 years and have been in various honorary roles including Treasurer for my children’s Primary School for 5 years, Neighbourhood Watch & the Lions Club of Ormond–McKinnon.

I have been associated with Glen Eira FC through my daughter since 2014 and have been an U11 Team Manager & then Coordinator of the U12-U13 Girls teams.

In any organisation, the position of treasurer can be and is challenging. I look forward to applying my accounting skills and experience to meet those challenges and provide the club with a no-nonsense, efficient approach to the club’s financial commitments.
portrait  Odilia Wijburg
Odilia Wijburg
Odilia is an Associate Professor and the Head of Teaching and Learning in her department at The University of Melbourne. She has a long career in medical research in infection and immunity and in tertiary education. She is passionate about the game of football and aims to work towards an inclusive community where all can enjoy playing football.

Odilia has been involved with the Club since 2014 and has two children playing with the Club. Aside from volunteer roles with their teams, she is currently an Age Group Coordinator and the Child Safety Officer (acting).
portrait  Victor Andjelkovic
Victor Andjelkovic
Match & Facilities Manager
Victor is the Transformation Program Manager with Bulla Dairy Foods. His uses his extensive experience in change management and leadership skills to help the club navigate the ever-changing football landscape we operate in.

Victor has three boys playing at the club and has been coaching at Glen Eira more or less continuously for almost 10 years.
portrait  Ashleigh Owens
Ashleigh Owens
Committee Member
Ashleigh has been a player/manager for a Senior Women’s teams at Glen Eira FC for many years.
portrait  Harry Georgiou
Harry Georgiou
Assistant Secretary
Harry Georgiou is the Managing Director of Happsa Group, a National Facilities Management company.

Harry has been part of Glen Eira FC over the last 7 years. His son has been playing for the Club since 2013.

Passionate about player development / growth and an active football member, he has a desire to see the game and Glen Eira FC be the success that it thoroughly deserves. With his corporate experience and networks in the facility management sector over the last 20 years he looks forward to taking on a hands-on and collaborate approach to achieve great results
portrait  John  Riccioni
John Riccioni
Committee Member
John is a Life Member of the Glen Eira FC. John has volunteered his time coaching girls and boys of all age groups at the club since the first ball was kicked by a Glen Eira player back in 2003.

John has served on the committee between 2006 and 2014. A passionate clubman John is committed to ensuring girls and boys of all ages and abilities can continue to enjoy the game in a fun family friendly environment.

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